*Mister Axle ID Bracelet - Chrome

$ 675.00 MXN 

  • *Mister Axle ID Bracelet - Chrome - Mister SFC - 1
  • *Mister Axle ID Bracelet - Chrome - Mister SFC - 2
  • *Mister Axle ID Bracelet - Chrome - Mister SFC - 3
  • *Mister Axle ID Bracelet - Chrome - Mister SFC - 4
  • *Mister Axle ID Bracelet - Chrome - Mister SFC - 5

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The Axle Bracelet is cast in high grade Stainless Steel & finished with an advanced Ion Bonding technique for long lasting durability & resistance.

Features a 4mm wide solid band with engravable ID plate. Squeeze to open/close hook closure.


How to Find Your Bracelet Size (Sizing is an approximation. There can be some variation in fit due to muscle size, bone structure and height to weight ratio.)

1. Wrap a piece of string or paper around your wrist.

2. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle around your wrist.

3. Measure the length of the marked section of string or paper on a ruler or measuring stick, whatever you have handy.

4. Compare your measurement with this chart to determine your bracelet size.

Size Inches Cm
XS 5.50 - 6.00 13.97 - 15.49
S/M 6.10 - 6.90 15.75 - 17.53
L/X 7.00 - 8.00 17.78 - 20.32

Please contact us if you need further assistance - info@mrsfc.com


*If engraving option is chosen, item may take 7-10 days to engrave plus shipping time.

*Engravable ID Plate is 35mm x 4mm we highly recommend 20 characters or less for best results.

*Cross reference all letters in their respective chosen font for better visualization of engraving outcome (Block and Bowlball font does not have lower case letters).

*Our Technician will only copy and paste based on the text provided. The text box is case sensitive, we will not spell check and assume all text entered is correct.



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